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Welcome to the CrystalCraft Webshop!

Not 18 yet? Ask a caretaker first!


Most of the money from the sold products will be used to keep the server, website, discord bot, and domain & more running. Another part of the money will go to premium plugins, website modules, widgets, and the developers of the server. A percentage of all purchases will be donated to LGBTQ+-related activities (Think of sex reassignment surgeries, binder giveaways, other surgery donations & other giveaways). These donations and giveaways take place when we've secured enough money to keep the server running smoothly. Do you know someone (18+) with public funding for their gender reassignment surgery? Contact Soleau so we can help promote it on the Discord server and maybe even donate some money ourselves! If you got any questions about any purchases; please contact Soleau#1965 on Discord.


We're planning to keep Crystalcraft running for as long as possible with all the donations we receive.

- Crystalcraft Team