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CrystalCraft Rules!
Click on the tabs on your left for the different sections of the rules.
Not following our rules will have consequences such as mutes, jail time, and in heavy scenarios: a ban.
Under the rule categories, it shows the punishments for breaking those rules.
These punishments are the usual consequences, in some cases, these consequences might be different.
Please seek support on our Discord server or on the Minecraft server!
- CC Staff
1. Griefing

A. It isn't allowed to break blocks and structures others have placed without their permission.

B. This means you can't open chests & steal items as well.

C. Rule 1#A and 1#B also apply to unclaimed areas.

D. Farming & killing animals from areas that are not yours is also not allowed.


Punishment: Jail time or ban.

2. Redstone- & AFK farms

A. Redstone farms are NOT allowed. 1.17+ servers are very heavy to host & we can't use any more lag.

B. AFK-farms are NOT allowed, this will give an unfair advantage to others.

C. Small auto-farms are allowed, as long as they're redstone-free & you're not AFK in the server. (A cactus farm with fences and water is a perfect example of small autofarm.)

D. Farms in the end & nether are NOT allowed.


Punishment: Jail time or a ban.

3. Hacking

A. Hacking is simply NOT allowed & you will be IP-banned.

B. Small mods are allowed, however, they can not give you an unfair advantage in gameplay (e.g. NO x-ray).

C. If you're not sure if a mod is allowed: ask staff!

D. Don't use & always report exploits.


Punishment: A ban.

4. Chats

A. No NSFW/NSFL/PDA in the chat.

B. Don't use slurs & no cussing towards others.

C. Promoting other servers is NOT allowed & don't spam the chat.

D. Only speak English, unless an online staff member can understand the language.

Punishment: Mute or jail time.

5. Staff

A. All staff members arevolunteers, treat them with respect & patience.

B. Staff doesn't owe you lost items.

C. Staff doesn't give special treatment.


Punishment: A mute or jail time.

6. General Rules

A. You need to be 13 years or older to play CrystalCraft.

B. Don't be a dick: either be nice or shut up.

C. Don't encourage others to break the rules.

D. Make sure to have read the ToS when you purchase a rank.

E. We don't give OP items (e.g. iron & more) to members that don't have the Novice+ rank.

F. You can't have more than a maximum of 10 villagers. 


Punishment: Mute, jail time, or ban.