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i very much agree with this, its also easier to talk about ideas within the discord since you do get notifications there.

Random topic. about 1 month ago

Hi Buggy!

Keep in mind that Ban Appeals are on a case-by-case basis, so some answers might not be sure-fire, as well that I am only 1 staff member on the team and opinions may vary amongst us. 

1) The Appeal would Ideally include:

            -The reason for the ban

            -Why (in the banned person's opinion) they should be unbanned

2) Because our staff has a diverse range of timezones, and only Admins can see the actual ban appeals, I can't give you an answer on when they're checked, but I can't imagine less than once a week. 

3) Again, these are often case-by-case bases. An unbannable offense could be something like perhaps disturbing peace with some players (such as destorying their builds without permission) and mistreatment of staff (if both parties talk it out/it was a misunderstanding). 


It is always important to reach out so we can handle cases in a very calm and professional manner. Please note that some offenses can be more forgiving than others based on things like history of offenses, warnings given, and past issues with the server. Thank you for asking!


-Turnip :)

Friendly Reminder x 4 months ago

Just a simple reminder than if you go under "Rules" at the top of the page, you can find the handy-dandy ban appeals forum! If you're a banned member (perma or temporary) please use this link!!! We, as the staff of Crystal Craft, want to have ban-related matters be private and civil :) I promise we're not that scary! Let me or someone else know if you're having any troubles navigating the website or have any other issues


Friendly Reminder x 4 months ago
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