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Event & Competition Ideas:
Soleau Admin
2 posts
1 topics
3 months ago

Dear CrystalCraft players,


We're currently looking for some fun activities to do with everybody together! It doesn't matter whether it's an event or a competition; as long as it's fun to do. If you have any fun ideas or if you've seen something fun online that we can do on the server together; please reply to this topic with that idea!


I can't wait to see everybody's ideas




Sussy_Buggy Citrine Member
6 posts
4 topics
3 months ago

If the drawings and canvas are still a thing, something like an art competiton would be neat. If its too complicated and you're searching for something basic, then something simple like a tag game could be neat.
Tag would be basically there's one or more people who have the glow effect, and those who they hit get tagged, recieve the glow effect, and the one who tagged is no longer glowing. To make it balanced, all tagged people have glow, but also get a speed/jump boost, when they tag someone, the one who just got tagged gets slowness and blindness for 3 seconds, giving the former tagged a chance to escape. Game ends and those who had been tagged loose and end up disqualified for the next round.